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Davines Depolluting Scrub Shampoo 250ml

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wt6lH">Depolluting – revitalising, regenerating and detoxifying products for scalp lacking tone and hair stressed by external, environmental factors. all the formulas are enriched with phytoceuticals extracted from antichokes, rich in polyphenols with very strong antioxidant power. treating shampoo that combines delicate surfactants of natural origin with scrub particles for a gentle, yet deep cleansing of scalp, and a protective action against free radicals. it is intended for an in-depth cleansing of the scalp, in the case of asphyctic scalps (non-rosy appearance) and temporary and light exfoliation; how to use: wet the hair and scalp thoroughly and apply 20 gr. of product to the scalp. massage, adding more water if necessary. rinse off thoroughly. the treatment with depolluting scrub shampoo can be repeated any time you wish according to scalp and hair needs.
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