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Hairlight No Itch Calming Mousse For Scalp 150ml

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wt6lH">Multi-purpose emollient for the hair and body, particularly rich in Shea butter (moisturinzing characteristics), Aloe Vera (soothing and anti-oxidation properties) and active plant ingredientsUsed as a moisturising and emollient cream, it protects the body, face and skin from unpleasant sensations such as epidermal dehydration due to atmospheric agents, prolonged exposure to the sun, aggressive cosmetic treatments and shaving._ Highly recommended for application to skin before any chemical treatment, it moisturises and recreates the hydrolipid film which is naturally present on our skin. Soothes Reddened Skin. Moisturises and Protects From Burns. Protects Skin. Recreates The Natural Hydrolipid Film. Prevents Reddening And Skin Irritations.
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