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Lotion Stopil P 250ml


Scalp and hair rapidly react with irritations and are sensitive to spontaneous mental stress, aggressive environmental influences and incorrect care. The consequence: The scalp becomes imbalanced and reacts with redness, tightness and itchiness. The hair appears lacklustre, is often flyaway and doesn’t hold a style well.

Lotion Stopil P protects and cares for the scalp so that this doesn’t even occur. The hydrolotion keeps all scalp functions healthy and prevents dehydration, irritations, dandruff and hair loss – in an incredibly pleasant and refreshing way. The finest, high-quality plant oils of rosemary, sage and lavender actively boost the circulation, strengthen the connective tissue and keep the scalp’s metabolism active.

Healing allantoin instantly banishes the first signs of dandruff and ensures that it does not return. Conditioning wheat peptides improve the quality of the hair and create a perfect basis for strong hair growth.

Stopil P scalp lotion restores power and strong defences to the scalp and thus makes it perfectly equipped to deal with external influences, as well as internal irritants.

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