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Shampoo Vital Protection Couleur 1000ml

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Protection Couleur Vital colour protection shampoo gently cleanses stressed coloured hair, protects it from colour and moisture loss and powerful active ingredients restore softness and lively, shiny colour to the hair.Coloured hair: in the beginning, it outshines the sun, but soon it looks rather unglamorous. It becomes dry, rough and dull.

That’s why it needs very special care so that it continues to shine and look beautifully lively long after the colouring process. The colour protection shampoo for stressed hair treats it extremely gently.

The moisture balance is perfected by the colour protection shampoo.
The hair is protected against fading.
The hair structure is immediately strengthened, the hair becomes more resistant to UV radiation and shines with new power and vitality.

The highly effective colour protection complex integrated in Shampoo Vital Protection Couleur contains sunflower extracts to deeply penetrate the hair and deactivate free radicals produced by UV radiation.

The colour pigments thus remain in the hair for much longer. Undesirable fading? Definitely not here! A conditioning polymer creates a protective layer around the hair and wards off damaging environmental influences.

When combined, both active ingredients form an unbeatable team. The result is convincing: Up to 73% higher colour stability after 15 washes. Stressed hair is noticeably stronger, smoother, softer and shines with breathtaking vibrance that lasts and lasts.

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