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Miracle Volumizing | Shampoo 400ml

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Mild scalp protection without ingredients that may cause skin irritation. Contains no 5 harmful ingredients (No artificial colors, alcohol, mineral oil, benzophenone, mineral oils)→only internal, cannot be used externally). Contains 33% oriental herbal extracts that maximize their effects satisfy both scalp and hair health.Removes dust and keratin in scalp to prevent scalp trouble and give volume to hair. Product customized to hair problem and stronger prescription for volume & curl type makes more beautiful and attractive hair after use. Rich and mild foam of natural surfactants completely removes wastes in the scalp and hair for refreshing and healthy care. Elegant and mild scents for young and stylish women gives an all-day-long aroma therapy effect

For which type of hair:

  • For curly/wavy dry and damaged hair
  • For those who want their hair to have more volume

Main Ingredients :

  • Red Oriental Complex with decocted red ginseng, Siberian chrysanthemum, peony root, pomegranate, and corni supplies concentrated nutrition on scalp and hair
  • Wheat protein and adlay oil gives bouncy curls to hair for more volume
  • Camellia oil and macadamia seed oil adds gloss and smoothness to hair

How to use :

Use as daily shampoo.

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Daeng Gi Meo Ri General Scalp & Hair Care




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