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Davines Energizing Seasonal Superactive 12 x 6 ml

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wt6lH">Energizing – products dedicated to problems of fragile scalp and hair prone to falling out and for the preventive treatment of various forms of alopecia. the energizing shampoo, gel and thickening tonic formulas are also characterised by the use of multifunctional active ingredients consisting of caffeine phytoceuticals, combined with sirtuins and beta-glucans. caffaine stilmulates the cellular metabolism of the scalp, promoting tissue, oxygenation. beta-glucans are biological polysaccharised that enhance the immune system, while sirtuins, also called “longevity proteins”, perform an effective anti-oxidant and anti-ageing action, toning and strengthening the scalp. regenerating lotion for scalp and fragile hair, prone to falling out. the formula is particularly suitable in presence of hair loss caused by stress and seasonal factor. energizing seasonal superactive reduces hair loss and improves the density and body: +5% hair density instrumental tests on 20 subjects, 56 days after use.
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