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Patagonicoil | Alkanition Extra 80mL

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Created from the natural essence of patagonia, for women over flowing with elegance.
Located in the south America’s longest continental mountain range lies the patagonia.
Including natural energy beyond human’s imagination, the patagonia clash using the natural blessings from the ground, creating rich oil. [Patagonicoil], bringing out women’s elegance.

Benefits :
To replenish moisture for hair & skin, for settled down hair & smooth skin.

Recommended for :

For people affected by the dryness of hair & skin.

Main Ingredients :

  • Patagonia Rose Hip Oil
  • Orchid Fragrance
  • Patagonia Rose Hip Oil
  • Orange Rafi Oil

Direction of use :

  • For Hair :
  1. Using a towel, dry all hair and make sure no more water is retained. (starting from hair ends, drip away all water.)
  2. Spread oil all over hand and in between fingers
  3. Grate one portion of the hair ends.
  4. From the inner areas of hair ends, spread hair ends at fingers.
  5. On the surface, spread oil without touching scalp.
  6. Dry fringe from ̶  roots  ̶  centre  ̶  hair ends. Complementing the finishing style, blow fringe volume.
  • For Body :

1. Using Alkanition, Extra sufficiently spread into hands, then whole body.

  • By warming oil in hands, it is easier to spread on legs & hands.
  • Best is to be used after bathe when the skin is still warm.

2. Following the arm, slowly spread in an upwards direction towards elbow.

  • Elbow & legs of body parts that are dry, use oil on areas.
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