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DS Laboratories Revita.Cor Regrowth Stimulating Conditioner 100ml

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wt6lH">Revita COR delivers state-of-the-science hair re-growth technology that builds on the legendary success of Revita shampoo. This conditioner establishes a new benchmark for the comprehensive synthesis of hair re-growth compounds. This next-generation delivery system adheres to the scalp tenaciously, keeping active ingredients attached and working hard for 12 hours or longer, to achieve maximum hair-growth effect even while sweating or swimming. Benefits: helps to promote hair re-growth, keeps working for 12 or more hours. Protects, nourishes and conditions hair. Main Ingredients: Caffeine stimulates follicle into growth Inositol prevents nutritional deficiency, Nano Copper Peptides (Amino acids) stimulate growth and keratin production, increase diameter of hair shaft, anti ageing and anti-inflammatory, Niacinamide conditioning agent, Spin traps detoxify free radicals, Stem cells repair the regenerative capacity of the hair follicle and support hair growth.
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