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Gel Epicelan Clarifiant 30 x 20ml

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It’s a real battle, but today you can win it. Let’s talk about dandruff, an annoying flaw that affects everyone at least once in a lifetime and that today finds La Biosthetique, its unbeatable enemy, in Methode Pellicules Gel Epicelan Clarifiant 20 ml.

Of the line dedicated by the brand to anti-dandruff treatments, this is the gel that promises profound results of cleanliness and purity of the scalp.
Methode Pellicules Gel Epicelan Clarifiant is in fact a product to be used before shampooing to dissolve the white flakes of dandruff that dirty skin and hair and allow an even more intense and effective cleaning.

Its main active ingredients contained in a formula with a gelatinous texture, combine to dissolve the dead cells deposited on the skin near the root and thus bring a sensation of immediate freshness to the scalp.

The irritations and rednesses due to the problem are then soothed and relieved as well as the annoying and embarrassing itch is immediately silenced. The skin is purified,

With Methode Pellicules Gel Epicelan Clarifiant, a very small quantity of product is enough to achieve great results. Recommended by the professionals of My supplier, authorized dealer of the brand and of all the formulas against this imperfection, the gel must be applied according to the correct use suggested by the experts.

Apply on the scalp and leave for about 15-20 minutes, then work to obtain sufficient foam and with a slow massage remove the foam. Finally make a good wash with the detergent of the same line.

Buy Methode Pellicules Gel Epicelan Clarifiant here and take care of your well-being in small, simple steps.

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