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Intensive 生毛 | Scalp Care Tonic 50ml


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Containing an extract elaborately infused from 10 herbal ingredients prescribed as “Kookhwasan” in “Donguibogam”, the best medical book in Korean history, it makes your hair shiny by intensively nourishing your weakened hair root and makes it healthy by reducing the cornification and itching.



  • Inhibit severe hair loss problem
  • Regenerate hair growth
  • Effective for those with poor blood circulation
  • Effective for those with poor scalp tension, which causes hair loss
  • Nourish the scalp
  • Reduce white hair

Key Ingredients

  1. Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fischer
    • Adjusts sebum, and has anti-inflammation and hair loss prevention effect
  2. Angelica gigas Nakai
    • Have anti-oxidant and anti-aging effects
  3. Acorus calamus Linne
    • Supplies elasticity and nutrition to hair
  4. Cnidium
    • Promotes blood circulation and increases scalp’s tensile strength and elasticity
  5. Ginseng
    • Promotes blood circulation, increases metabolism, and prevents hair whitening.
  6. Green Tea
    • Supplies nutrition to hair follicles, has astringent effects, and reduces dandruff
  7. Polygonum Multiflorum Root
    • Supplies nutrition to hair follicles and hair, darkens hair, and increases radiance to hair
  8. Mugwort
    • Strengthens anti-bacterial and immune functions, generates melanin, and promotes hair growth
  9. Capsicum Tincture
    • Promotes hair circulation, prevents hair loss, and helps the growth of hair follicles

How To Use

1) In the evening, after Shampooing, dry your hair properly.

2) Shake the bottle.

3) Spray an appropriate amount evenly to your scalp. Gently massage your hair and scalp with fingers for 1~3 min. so that it can permeate deep into hair root.

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