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Medicinal Herb | Hair Colour x 2 pcs set (Dark Brown/ Medium Brown/ Natural Brown)

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Daeng Gi Meo Ri Medicinal Herb Hair Colour

  • No PPD
  • No ammonia
  • Contain 50% of herbal extracts including Korean Ginseng.
  • 100% Cover Grey / White Hair.
  • Unmixed portion can be kept for next usage.
  • It minimizes scalp stimulation through 50% of herbal medicine extracts (ginseng, cnidium officinale, artemisia and green tea extracts)
  • It minimizes hair dye smell by not using ammonia ingredient
  • It minimizes skin trouble and side-effects by not using PPD ingredient
  • It is a cream type economical hair dye through which the usage amount can be controlled
  • It is easy to use since it does not require long dye time (about 5 minutes but the time may vary depending on the condition of users).
  • It has subtle herbal medicine scent
  • Cream 1 & 2 are tube packaging, unmixed portion can be kept for next usage, store at room temperature for not long than 3 months.

Target Customers

  • Consumers with gray hair
  • Consumers with light colour hair

Main Ingredients (Effects and efficacy of medicinal herbs according to literature)

① Herbal medicine extracts

  • Ginseng: promotes blood circulation, accelerates metabolism,prevents gray hair
  • Cnidium officinale: promotes blood circulation, increases strength and elasticity of hair
  • Artemisia: provides nutrition to scalp, improve dandruff

② Tea Saponin

  • Anti-oxidative effect and anti cancer effect
  • Heavy metal removal and detoxification effect and Tyrosinase obstruction effect

③ Pro-vitamin B5: moisturizing effect

④ Hydrolized soybean protein (bean protein): provides nutrition

⑤ Silk protein: provides conditioning effect to hair

⑥ Hydroxy propyl liquid keto acid

How To Use :
1- Brush your hair well before putting the color.
2- Use the supplied bowl to mix the dye.
3- Mix your dye with developer. ( 50:50 )
4- Apply the dye to your hair in sections.
5- Leave the dye in your hair for 15-20 minutes.
6- Wait until the process time is up to rinse your hair with shampoo and conditioners

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