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Live Luminesta Color Plus | C + M Intensive Repair Mask 10g x 5


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The moment is, produce a shine – Color plus C + M Intensive Repair Mask

And three step plus the color, and rank up the salon color in the intensive repair mask for home care in the finest, highest quality. Superb rich emollient essence that provides a “beautiful color sense of transparency” and “duration of shine”.

To provide a “beautiful color sense of transparency” and “duration of the shine” Superb rich emollient essence.

  • Hair repair components Intensive Care high damage part
  • It prevents fading of color, glossy of finger street
  • keep a good state

Main Ingredients :
Water, Cetyl alcohol, glycerin, (aminoethylaminopropyrmechicon/Dimethicone) copolymer, dodecane, behentrimonium chloride, isopropanol, stealtrimoniumpromide, Zein, hydrolyzed silk, alganiaspinosa kernel oil, Shea greasy, teoplomaglandifloram seed oil, Moringa seed oil, honey, polyquaternium-61, ceramide 2, cholesterol, quaternium-33, milisteurmethyl – β – alanine (phytosteryl/desirtetradesil) The lauroyl glutamine acid di (phytosteryl/occhilddesil), Polo rain sucrose, quaternium-18, Dimethicone, dicocodimonium, stealtrimoniumcrolido, ceteth-20, miles-2, tocopherol, Amodimethicone, methylchloroisochiazorinone, methylisothiazolinon, lactic acid, nitrate Mg, Mg chloride, acetic acid, cocoilargininethyl PCA, PG, BG, DPG, palmitate, lecithin, oleyl alcohol, Ethanol, phenoxyethanol, Orange 205, fragrance

How to use & use volume guideline :

After shampooing, use both hands to apply the treatment to the entire hair on hair-ends.
After applying completely, heat it for 3~5 minutes, and wrap with towel, then leave it – to have better effect
Then rinse thoroughly with warm water

Suitable for:

Coloured and chemically treated hair

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10g x 5




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